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Hello, I have been involved with cycle tours for over 11 years now and with the exception of a few large cycle events I run all of the cycle trips on offer here on my own. I want every single rider to get out of a trip exactly what they want while experiencing the best time possible.


From editing this website through to hanging up your wet bib to dry it is me that is involved with every aspect of your cycle tour, except the pedalling.


The trips are available to anyone, I now have trips with 40/50 mile days all the way through to options for keen riders or people looking to push themselves further. I can of course run more laid back time consuming trips but I find most of you have limited holiday allowance and that is what most of the dates in my calendar are based around.

All of the cycle rides are run to give you the freedom to do as you please, no set routes only suggested ones for you to get the experience out of the ride that you want. The standard cycling trips on offer here include a good standard of accommodation coupled with good support, a range of dining options and a good time at a price that hopefully suits you - I honestly don't know how almost all of the other providers justify their prices :(


When looking for the perfect cycle tour, especially long rides like the LEJOG tour all of the information can be a bit mind blowing, that's why I have simplified the website recently and put all of the information for each ride in an envelope link at the bottom of the relevant cycle trip page, if you click on this you can print off all of the information for that particular ride and take it and have a browse at your leisure or save it on your computer/phone.


I am pretty confident that what I offer is what a majority of you want. You may not of heard of me before and also wonder why the prices are a lot better than other sites you have visited, a lot of the time it is only me who you will ever deal with, I have no overheads or staff, I put barely anything into advertising and only really have a few leaflets in my local bike shops, word of mouth is a great thing. I have customers that came on a tour in my first year and have been every year since and a large amount of my customers return for a second ride, if their partner lets them.


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